Toronto’s transit system will get a much-needed boost after the provincial and federal governments announced that they will team up to give the city close to $9 billion to put toward transit infrastructure.

At a March 14 press conference, the provincial and federal and infrastructure ministers signed an agreement that will see the federal government devoting $8.34 billion to public transit projects across Ontario over the next 10 years. More than half of that amount, or $4.89 billion, will go to Toronto. To add to this, Queen’s Park announced that it will match the feds’ contribution to the city with $4.04 billion.

“The city of Toronto is getting a significant amount of money,” federal Infrastructure Minister Amarjeet Sohi said at the conference. “Toronto’s ridership is larger, and we want the resources to go where the resources are needed.” The nearly $9 billion investment will go toward high-priority transit projects including the Scarborough subway extension, SmartTrack, the subway relief line, Eglinton East LRT, and the Waterfront LRT network.

In a written statement, Mayor John Tory thanked the two governments for the generous investment in the city’s transit. “After years of delays and divisive debates, we are finally getting on with expanding our transit system,” he said. “We are getting on with working together to build up our cities.”

Bob Chiarelli, Ontario’s Infrastructure Minister, reports this is “the largest infrastructure commitment in the province’s history.” Details on how the nearly $9 billion will be distributed between projects have yet to be determined and announced.