When your home goes on the market, the goal is to see fast results. There are certain ways to get your house in good shape and ready to sell. Here are five tips to follow to help your house sell as quickly as possible.

1. De-personalize

The first thing to do in your home to get it ready for the market is to de-personalize it. Look around in each room and remove all of the things that are personal to you and your family. As buyers view your home they will be trying to visualize it being their own house and that can be difficult if all they see is your family’s personal belongings. So take out family photos, trophies and awards, vacation souvenirs, any religious Paraphernalia, etc., and save them for display in your next home.

2. De-clutter

All clutter must go. This will help buyers see the space and picture themselves in it. You want to have clean and clear countertops, tables, flat surfaces, floors, cupboards and closets in your home to give the appearance of more space and have it easy on the eye.

3. Improve Curb Appeal

It is important to stage the exterior of your home, too. The outside appearance is the first impression people will have of your home and often potential buyers will do a quick drive-by first to see if they feel the home is worth viewing on the inside. Make sure your front door has a fresh coat of paint on it, as well as repaint or stain your porch or deck if needed. Power wash the siding and walkways, and wash the windows. The landscaping needs to be in good shape; keep all bushes and your lawn well manicured.

4. Have it in “Move In” Condition

Not all homebuyers want to buy a home that requires a ton of work. First, make sure your house is immaculately clean. From the floors to the windows, make it shine and hire professionals if needed. Fix all the things that are broken and need sprucing up in your house. Small repairs such as the leaky faucet and spots that need paint touch ups, etc., will go a long way to making your home appear “move in” ready.

5. Choose Neutral Colours

Think beige, cream and grey as colour choices in your home. Bold and bright colours may be a turn off for some people. It is much easier for buyers to visualize the home as their home with neutral tones, especially on the walls.